BEOUTDOORS is an O2O international enterprise dedicated to the field of outdoor high-end sport tourism services.

At the heart of BEOUTDOORS is our love for sport, which is not only physical movementbut also exploring nature, living the moriginal passion and havingmost extraordinary experiences of outdoor life while meeting the people and species that live in the natural world..


In 2016, Gilles traveled to Sri Lanka as a
businessman in the infrastructures field. He
walked by the Weligama beach, saw waves up and
down, he jumped onto a board and became a beginner in surfing. Back to metropolitan, thinking of all the
magnificent beauty of nature that he had
seen for years but never lived like locals, and
that most of Chinese travelers who go to work out in box-like gyms never could imagined this great
beauty if they don’t live these themselves, he
decided to turn this enthusiasm into lifetime profession. He was joined later by some more friends and partners who treasures outdoor life and adventures as a
lifestyle as well as hobby that could last for a lifetime.

The Team



Gilles WU (Founder): Gilles used to work in international investment and infrastructures. Traveled more than 20countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. In his forties he decided to start up in a totally new field to share with all Chinese travelers nature and outdoor eco-sport, which would be his lifelong pursuit and passion.

Vera WEI(CEO): graduated from Harvard Business School, 20 years of experience in multinational companies in infrastructure field. Traveled through more than 50 countries in the world, mom of two kids, believe in educational power of nature and sport in childhood.

Vicky Liu (Chief Solution Architect):Master French and English, traveled through most of western Europe, South Asia and America, years of experience with international organizations. Vegetarian, environmentalist, and naturalist. Her motto is: stay curious, stay foolish, never stop thinking.

Core value of travel is about exploring

Gilles and all BEOUTDOORS staff believe that outdoor activities and adventures keep human energetic and enthusiast, that outdoor life should not be lying down on a beach or hanging out in touristic sights but should be walking through remote area, camping in forest, trekking and eating like local people.


BEOUTDOORS specializes in planning and tailoring premium outdoor activities from the very beginning to every detail of a journey, which includes destinations selecting, creative activities planning, cultural exchange, social work organization/volunteering organization, outdoor activities arrangement, corporate team building program and immersive experiences. 



Eco-sport valley complex

In 2017, we established our first outdoor-theme eco-resort complex in Anhui province, in a well-known
mountain climbing scenic area in China. Covering a surface of more than 4000 hectare, the valley is
enriched with bamboo forest, rivers and ancient villages, with its ongoing development of training
center as well as outdoor activities such as trekking, river tracing, canyoning, camping, mountain biking
etc, this future complex is welcoming clients from everywhere in China as well as celebrities. 


  • Internet companies

    Russian Lake Baikal hiking camp
    along the lake construction

  • Architecture
    design cabinets
  • Families

    Camp six days on
    foot at Mount Canakles

Based on our worldwide expert network, sophisticated know-how and strong teamwork and open-minded staff, we have gained trust and impressive comments from our clients such as giant internet company and families.




With our service and experts network growing in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa, we look forward to broader international talking and cooperation, and continue to promote the value of outdoor sport.



In 2017, BEOUTDOORS company was established under expectations from thousands of enthusiast followers, hundreds of corporate clients and warm supports from tourism ministries and organizations in the most popular countries in Asia: Myanmar Tourism Federation, Myanmar hotel and tourism ministry, etc.